Emergency Announcement System

Emergency Announcement System


Emergency Announcement System (during fire, accidents, emergencies, gas leaks etc.)

The Emergency Announcement System (EAS) is a Public Addressing System (PA system) with a special feature of broadcasting facility of pre-recorded-stored audio voice messages over the loudspeakers of the Public Address system.

It can be used in the plants for:

  •   Relaying of safety / security / emergency messages – during accidents
  •   Broadcasting of evacuation instruction / advices - during emergencies
  •   Broadcasting of general Utility Message – during routine plant operation

Features :

  •   Design based on micro controller technology
  •   The system stores Pre-recorded messages (in MP3 file format) in the system module. The message gets selected / triggered through external potential free contacts (either from DCS system Or Fire alarm system or Gas detection system or any such system). The selected message then gets broadcasted over the loudspeakers of the PA system.
  •   The message can be broadcasted either in ALL ZONE mode (i.e. over all the loudspeakers of the system) OR it can be broadcasted ZONE WISE / in a particular ZONE AREA (i.e. over loudspeakers of that zone only)
  •   The basic module is with storage capacity of up to 08 messages. The same can be extended too, when required.
  •   The stored messages have priorities amongst themselves, with ‘Message #1’ having the highest priority. Thus the “message broadcasting sequence” can be configured (set) at site, during installation
  •   Another option of selecting the desired message through manually operated- external dedicated Message Access Console is also available.
  •   The loudspeakers of the system are available in variety of constructions and in different wattages to suit all kinds of environments and surrounding noise levels. The loudspeakers are outdoor weatherproof type for safe areas, outdoor explosion proof / flameproof type for hazardous areas and indoor box cabinet type for indoor areas

Key Advantages :

  •   Simple and economical field cabling
  •   Cost effective design and hardware
  •   Trouble free & Highly reliable system
  •   Modular architecture based, whereby offering the flexibility to build & expand the system block by block, as and when required
  •   Reduced and easy maintenance
  •   High flexibility and Easy adaptability
  •   Easy system operation and maximum safety
  •   Low cost of system ownership
  •   Low cost system spares